How We Clean Green for You

An authentic green certified cleaning program is customized to your specific cleaning needs. No synthetics are used for a toxin-free and allergy free clean.


• H2orange2- Used in different dilutions for heavy duty and surface cleaning. It has a neutral ph and contains, hydrogen peroxide, kosher pure orange oil, and a vegetable based surfactant. It is a cleaner, sanitizer and a virucide. EPA registered and Green Seal certified.

• Soft scrub- For bathtubs and tile, sinks and toilets. Made from h2orange2, sodium bicarbonate, vegetable based surfactant and pure essential oils.

• Pumice stone- For rust and lime scale deposits in toilets.

• Dusting spray with essential oils- To lightly dampen cloth for dusting surfaces.

• Weinman lemon crème furniture polish- Contains lemon, walnut and almond oils, UVX-15 Sunscreen. Cleans and protects leather furniture, too.

• Weinman granite and corian polish- Seals, polishes and protects countertops. Helps prevent stains and watermarks.

• Pure essential oils- variety, lavender, bergamot, juniper, lime…

• Bonakemi wood floor cleaner- Swedish water-based formula, creates a beautiful shine, works great on wood cabinetry, too. Environmental Choice and Green Guard label.

• Dry vapor steam cleaner- Cleans and sanitizes all types of surfaces, including flooring, without the use of chemicals. This can be integrated into your clean plan.

• Riccar upright hepa filter vacuum- For dust and dirt containment. Green label from the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI)

• Pro-Team True Hepa canister vacuum with 4-level filtration. Pro-Team and American Lung Association are partners in indoor air quality education. The vacuums earn the seals from, U.S. Green Building Council, and, The Carpet and Rug Institute.

• Microfiber floor mop pads- Traps and holds in dirt, debris, and germs, while you clean, leaving a cleaner healthier floor.

Cross-contamination prevention

• Clean organized supplies and equipment

• Fresh sponges used at each visit

• Gloves worn for protection

• Microfiber and cotton cloths, gloves and sponges, are changed to prevent cross-contamination from room to room, i.e., bathroom to kitchen.

Detailed General Cleaning Green List


• Surfaces-counters, back splashes, cabinet/drawer fronts and knobs, appliances and handles, tables and chairs.
• Sink
• Kitchen window over sink
• Apply polish to granite, marble and corian.


• Surfaces-counters, back splashes, cabinet/drawer fronts and knobs, mirrors.
• Apply polish to countertops.
• Sink, bathtub, shower and track, toilet inside out and handle.
• Tile and grout.

Bedrooms/den/family room/living room/dining room/office

• Clean surfaces
• Dust/polish furniture
• Vacuum
• Mop hard surface flooring


• Baseboards
• Bookcases
• Cobwebs high/low
• Collectables
• Empty trash cans
• Entertainment centers and electronics
• Exposed duct work
• Fans and fixtures
• French doors, patio doors, storm doors
• Hair removal from bathroom drains
• Intake registers
• Lamp shades and bulbs
• LCD screens
• Laundry and mudrooms
• Moldings
• Pet hair
• Railings
• Refrigerator coils if accessible/as needed
• Shades
• Touch points: doorknobs, door frames, and light switches
• Vacuum upholstery
• Window ledges;(inside windows intermittently/as needed)


• Vacuum all flooring and stairwells
• Mop hardwood flooring
• Mop hard surface flooring
• Dry vapor steam clean select flooring types

Special Request Items

• Inside oven or refrigerator
• Inside glass collectable/china cabinets
• Organizing projects
• Spring cleaning projects

Other Services

• Move-in/Move-out home cleaning
• New construction/renovation home cleaning